Fix “Incompatible file system format card” error from Canon EOS 50 Camera

Canon EOS 50 DSLR camera is a powerful DSLR camera popularly known to capture high quality images. Various advanced features make Canon digital camera more extensive. High class technology of Canon EOS 50 allows its user to capture high quality photos even in dark or running condition. This Canon model is equipped with 15.1 mega pixel resolutions, CMOS sensor, LCD screen display, image sensor, auto fix mode and many other superior features. Captured photos are stored in CF memory card. If any error occurred with this card then saved images might be lost from the storage devices.

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Canon EOS 50 supports different CF card Type I, Type II and UDMA-compliant CF cards. All these memory cards are considered as safe storage space to save different types of media files including images, videos and audio files. But there are various reasons which lead corruption in CF card. Most commonly when you load CF card in Canon EOS 50 and try to access saved images then the below error code prompts on the camera screen:

“Incompatible file system format card”

For this condition of CF card there are various reasons are responsible. Some common reasons are:

• Corrupt CF card
• Virus invasion on used memory card
• Improper handling of camera
• Interruption in read or write operation
• File System corruption

In order to resolve “Incompatible file system format card” error in Canon EOS 50 you can perform different steps. You may follow below steps to fix this error:

• Connect your Canon camera to your computer and see your photos if it is accessible.
• You may also connect your camera through card reader to access the photos.
• If you are unable to access stored images using these steps then you have better option of Photo recovery.

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Photo Recovery Software is the best way to fix Incompatible file system format card error. This software repairs damaged system files and fix corruption of CF card. It provides some easy steps to recover Canon EOS 50 photos. Powerful recovery process of this tool recovers deleted and corrupt images and prevents you to severe photo loss condition. This is reliable and effective read only photo recovery software.