How to Recover Files from SanDisk SD Card

Sometimes your SD card can’t be open in your computer or other device. If you connect your SD card trough card reader and search photo or data then your device shown file is not found. It has many causes of this issue. Recover your data and restore from another folder.

Download for windows Download for Mac


  • Damage your SD card
  • Some dust place on your SD card iron part
  • Some file corrupt in your SD card
  • Hidden file can create the problem
  • Break your SD card


Right click on SD card select Properties. Go to the Tools click to open and see a check now button in this appear window. Click on it then open a overlap window click on ok automatically fix file system.  And click on start button complete this process then close the tab. Restart your computer.

Click to start the computer. Go to my computer and right click on my computer. Click on the option Manage box. Click on Device Manager Option on the left side. Double click on disk drives option from the list open in appear window.  Right click on the name of your removable drive in your computer. Click on uninstall button to uninstall it. Disconnect your storage media device and restart your computer. Reconnect your SD card in your computer again. Your PC will detect it.

Click to start the computer. Connect your SD card in your computer. Go to the E drive and click to open it. When you open card then go to the folder view and click to open. Click on the view tab in this appear window. Show a toolbar click on reset folder and search the hidden file folder option. Click ok then shown hidden file in your SD card. Restart your computer.

Download for windows Download for Mac

Click to start the computer. Go to the Browser double click on it. Search Mac photo recover tool press enter button. Open this software downloads it in your computer. After download it clicks to install and run. Then connect your SD card in your computer. Go to the software and click to open and search recovery option click to open it. Select your card in this software and click on recovery button to recover your photo and data. Complete this process. Click on restore button to restore your recovery file. Click to save file in your drive.  Close the all active tab. Restart your computer.