How to Recover Deleted Photos in Android

When you mistakenly deleted  a photo album or had you Smartphone accidently wipe everything from your gallery, that time you do not fear, because your lost photo are not really lost at all, you can recover it by using a method and get back you photos which you have lost. We will discuss about how to recover your photos on Android. But one thing it is necessary you should not take too much time to do this, act fast to recover you photo album. You can recover your photo as well as your video also.

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Easy Step to Recover Lost Photo/Video from Android

It is a very effective program that allows you to recover the lost data in a simple way. Android

Date recovery can recover formatted/deleted file from android devices. It recovers formatted files without taking out the SD inside the android phone.

Back up Important Date with Data Backup Restore

You should download and install Data Backup Restore and then launch it on you computer

Then choose Data Backup Restore on the main interface after that connect your device with your computer

After doing this click backup all data types which are saved on the computer

Then start copy button to begin backing up data on system.

Scan your Android device

File types Gallery

Click Next to let the program analyze your phone

You have to select the scanning mode

You can select Standard mode or advanced mode.

When you analyze your device, you can scan your device for lost all data.

You have to go back to your device and click the Allow to enable the computer to scan you phone for lost.

Use Software to Recover Photos

You can use an app to recover your photo

Here, we discuss about some application for Androids which will help you to recover deleted photos

In this article we have mentioned the most popular apps that work on any android device.

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Photo Recovery Software

Use this tool to recover you deleted photos.  When you launch this tool it will starts searching all the deleted photos.  It takes a couple of seconds, after the search completes you should tap on a folder and then you have to select the images to recover as shown in the above image.

You can install free version of it and recover the photos and videos which has formatted or deleted from your device.