How To Recover Deleted TIFF Image File on Windows/Mac

When you delete you TIFF images files on Windows/Mac then you want to recover your deleted TIFF image File. Those photos were very important and they want to recover them. In this case they do not how to recover the deleted TIFF image file. But here we discuss the easiest solution that will help you to restore your deleted or lost TIFF files.

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TIFF file is a photo file format which has high image quality. It is used on several devices such as tablet, computer, laptop, Smartphone, digital cameras etc. but sometime it can be lost from your devices through several circumstances. But you can retrieve your TIFF file very easily with the help of specific TIFF file recovery software. So you should not worry about your TIFF images file. Here we also discuss about the reasons of that are cause of lost TIFF photos.

TIFF File Photo Recovery

Here we tell about how you can recover you TIFF file photos. Card data Recovery is one of the best and right recovery tools for Windows or Mac. It is particularly made to retrieve lost, missing, deleted or erased TIFF images from any media storage devices.  It retrieve their deleted TIFF file photos from memory card, digital cameras, hard drive, Smartphone, computer and other devices. Card data recovery tool comes with advanced algorithms which scans the media storage device and recovers all image files.  It also recovers other photo file format like BMP, PSD, JPEG, PNG, RAW, GIF and others. Card data recovery is also capable to recovering audio files, video files and documents file. You can easily operate it without any hassle and user friendly interface it.  Here we will tell you can use this tool

At first install Card Data recovery tool on your system.

Run this tool on your system

Select the recovery option such as Photos, Document, Media and then click on Next button to proceed.

The Storage devices which are connected to your system will be displayed on the Interface as shown in image below.

You have to select the card or drive which you want to recover files

Click on scan to allow the software to scan your storage device.

It will find the lost or deleted files.

When the scanning process completes, you will be able to preview the recovered files.

Select the files which you want to back and then click on Recover button.

Select the place where you want to save recovered files on your system.

Download for windows Download for Mac