Restore Photo from iCloud backup

When you lose your phone then you realize that you have lost your all the picture which was on your phone. But when you buy a new phone then you desire, if the all picture which I have lost with your phone whether got that picture. But a smart user back up their all data on iCloud. If they lose their phone after that they can get their lose picture from iClould. Because losing a phone is simple but retrieving lost data is quite tricky. You need to be restoring iCloud to your new device. You can simply switching to the latest version of iPhone but most of the user does not how to recover Pictures from iCloud?  Apple lets you back your files up. You have many ways to which will help you to retrieve the Picture that has lost. But using iCloud backup you can simply restore your Photo. Here the steps which you have to follow you retrieve your photos.

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Recover photos from iCloud backup

Create an account and log I n to your iCloud account. You can store up to 5 GB data in it because apple will give you 5 GB of storage space free in iCloud.  If you need more space then it is available on purchase. You can also back up your all phones’ contents into Cloud.

To restore your photos back from your previous device, follow the following steps

  • Update your iOS whenever is ask for this
  • You have already had a backup file uploaded to iCloud
  • You will need to upgrade your OS first
  • Go to Settings and Tap on General
  • Click on Software Update, if an update is available
  • Follow the installation step and update your device
  • If your device is not asking for update then simply skip on the next step.
  • After your phone just severed all its previous ties, it’s now ready for restoration.
  • Open the iCloud backup program and click the download button on the program to download the iCloud backup files for the pictures which you have to restore. After sometime a list of photos in your two selected folder will open.
  • Select the ones you want to retrieve
  • After choosing, click on the recover to computer button
  • It will ask for permission for the location of download
  • After this process, press the save button.
Download for windows Download for Mac